The following policies and procedures of the Western New England University Athletic Training Group have been written to inform the student-athlete, parents, coaches, administrators and staff as to how the group generally operates. For these policies and procedures to work successfully, full support and cooperation will be needed from the entire medical staff, athletics department staff, parents and student-athletes.

Western New England University employs board certified, state licensed Athletic Trainers (ATCs) who are responsible for organizing and administering athletic training and sports medicine related services for all student-athletes. The Athletic Trainers work under the direction of licensed medical physicians. The healthcare provided will place emphasis on prevention, assessment, emergency care, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and illnesses. The Athletic Trainers are required to provide health and safety education for the athletics department administrators, coaching staff and student-athletes. 

Western New England University Athletic Trainer Policy Manual

Athletic Department Drug Testing Program

Parent Athletics Healthcare Billing Letter

Athletic Training Hours & Schedule

Athletic Training Room
This area will be open 30 minutes prior to practices and 2 hours prior to contests. The Athletic Training Room will stay open 30 minutes after practices and contests finish.


Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or by appointment. Weekend and break hours are as needed for in-season practices and games.

Visiting Team Information

The Athletic Facility is located in back of the Alumni Healthful Living Center. All sports with the exception of hockey work out of this facility. The hockey team plays at Smead Rink at Blunt Park on 1780 Roosevelt Ave in Springfield.

The Athletic Training facility in the AHLC has equipment for thermo-, cryo- and hydrotherapies, two electric stimulation units, one ultrasound unit, as well as several treatment and taping tables. Any athletes requiring an electrical modality treatment must have a note from a physician.

Ice, bags, water and cups, vacuum splints, and an AED will be available at all games at Western New England. A state-licensed ATC will be present and available one hour before, during, and for 30 minutes after each game. A physician and EMS will be present at all home football games. A physician or physician assistant will be available at all home hockey and men's lacrosse games.

If our team is not traveling with an Athletic Trainer, we will contact you in advance. Please show the WNE sports medicine staff the same courtesy.


NCAA Division III Banned Substances
Organization: NCAA III ; Password: ncaa3

NCAA Health and Safety Information

National Athletic Trainers Association