The 500 Fly Club

What is the 500 Fly Club?

The 500 Fly Club is a team tradition started over 10 years ago by former head coach Ben Bump. It is an optional challenge that athletes have the opportunity to participate in a couple of times each year. On selected days before practice, each willing student-athlete swims 500 yards of legal butterfly without stopping and without the use of any swimming aids like fins, etc. 


Nicole Birchenough

Nicole Birchenough '15 (8-time member)
Eryn Brownlee '11 (6-time member)
Erika Sheinhait '18 (6-time member)
Katelyn Skrzypiec '10 (5-time member)
Brittney Lucibello '11 (5-time member)
Janelle Lief '18 (5-time member)
Ashley Petersen '12 (4-time member)
Christine Fairbanks '13 (4-time member)
Courtney Fitzpatrick '13 (4-time member)
Krystal Homon '04  (3-time member)
Ashley Korbut '07 (3-time member)
Cori Eggert '08 (3-time member)
Jillian Ball '13 (3-time member)
Gianna Albanese '15 (3-time member)
Anna Boucher '19 (3-time member)
Laura Sobolewski '08 (2-time member)
Emily Trumbley '17 (2-time member)

Kasey Weaver '17 (2-time member)
Jacquelyn Peterson '18 (2-time member)
Megan Empie '19 (2-time member)

Meaghan Phair '02
Kelly Mangan '03
Suzanne Monahan '03
Kelli Arsenault '05
Michelle Boss '05
Jennifer McCormick '05
Karen McCauley '06
Brianna Lutter '07
Lindsay Frenkel '08
Bailey-Lynn Ingvertsen '08
Christa Melillo '08
Jamie Campo '09
MacKenzie Kay '09
Annie Sullivan '09
Aimee Smachetti '11
Samantha Halladay '12
Carissa Ancona '13
Danielle Caron '13

Carla Lynch '13
Alyssa DiFronzo '14
Kellyn Goldberger '14
Dominique Minicozzi '14
Paige Scudder '14
Chelsea Miemiec '15
Allison Ryan '16
Sharon Lui '19
Coach Andrea Daley